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Often a client will come in for a massage and even after you finish a medical history, the person won’t always tell you about past injuries, medications they are on or just how much their muscle hurts.

As a therapist, I’d like you to know.

  1. Your injuries, sprains, strains, breaks matter to me because your body holds muscle memory and a massage might feel deeply sensitive in a particular area of the body.
  2. “My legs are hairy,” is often heard as a client takes of their clothes. Honestly? It doesn’t matter. I’m interested in how best to help you.
  3. I don’t care if you are fat or thin, man or woman. I do care you feel safe, respected and nurtured when you come into a therapy session.
  4. Please switch off your cell phone. It’s obvious, yet so many clients have their phone go off just as they are relaxing¬† – totally jarring.
  5. Please wash your feet before you lie down – if possible. Otherwise I’ll do it for you.
  6. Give me feedback! Best not to lie silently if you feel you need to tell me something. Am I working too hard? Do you want me to work harder? Please let me know – I beg you.
  7. Breathe, just breathe. This is the one anchor in life that is totally free and can help you relax. Deep breathing at the start of the massage, will help relax a busy mind.
  8. Drink Water. I urge anyone to please hydrate after a massage because you will lessen any detox effects.
  9. Your comfort matters. Please let me know if there is a sensitive area you don’t want me to massage and I’ll avoid working on that spot.
  10. I honour and respect each person who comes for a massage. I use all my skills and knowledge during our session to make your massage a memorable one