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How you start the day is vital to how well you flow through it. I wake up early and do a half-hour meditation to centre and put my intent forward for the day. It’s the silence and the breath that inspire to quietly reflect on the goodness and abundance I wish to attract. When I can do this, my entire day becomes a flow of activity from one event to the other.

I invite you to greet your day and imbue it with positivity and good vibrations. During the day, I do one random act of kindness. Whether it’s a smile, or giving way in the traffic to an aggressive driver. Never, you might utter. Just try it. Remember there is always someone out there having a harder time than you.

When I give coaching, massage, or reflexology I am 100% present to the person who has come to me. I am grateful for their presence and I learn from each person I meet. Giving to other sustains me on a level I cannot begin to put into words. What sustains you? What makes you feel vital and important in the world?

Coaching is about presence and really hearing the other. Often thisĀ  simple act of truly listening for the nuances and the words unspoken lead to a profound shift in consciousness for the other person.

This is my way of living each day with meaningĀ  – what is yours?